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Focus Is Key To Online Internet Marketing Success

by Stephanie Mulac

Focus is a tricky proposition.

We all come by focus naturally, but the clarity and intensity of our focus is the challenge that most people encounter.

Throughout our daily lives, there are a multitude of things that command our attention and these things in and of themselves require focus -- our jobs, our family, our responsibilities to ourselves and others... the list goes on.

And yet, when it comes to a new or ongoing business venture, it is often life's daily responsibilities that cause us to lose focus on the task at hand:


Transitioning toward the lifestyle to which we aspire.

The great conflict
-- how do I stay true to my obligations and yet free myself to explore the great adventure of Online Internet Marketing. And a great challenge it is, indeed!

Adding to the complexity is a dual challenge:
  1. Devoting time to focus on implementing your plans & strategies
  2. Choosing and then focusing on what slant your marketing will employ from a virtually unlimited pool of options

Once you have committed the TIME to making money on the Internet, where do you start? There's Ebay, Affiliate Marketing, Ezines, Blogging, and more! Many, many more! Chances are, you aren't even sure what some of these things are -- let alone which one is right for you.

The two best pieces of advice I can give:

Once you have committed a very specific amount of time that you diligently stick to, sit down at your computer and spend a few hours looking over any programs and methods that catch your interest. Do Not, I repeat DO NOT Buy Anything at this stage! Put yourself on "purchasing suspension" for at least 24 hours and do nothing other than read. Read, and then READ some more!

In the vast world of online marketing, there is truly something for everyone, but to hear each author tell it -- His or her program is the only one for you!

Hear Me: There is NO single "right" method and no end all/be all approach. In the right hands they all have potential, and in the wrong hands? Well, you know the rest...

Only YOU can decide what's right for you and the only way to make this determination is to research programs recommended from a credible source and weigh all factors -- time, budget, experience, etc. -- before making a decision as to which direction you decide to pursue.

I know from where I speak...

My situation has been more fortunate than most, in that I had time on my side when I embarked on my Internet Marketing adventure. I was not pressed to turn a quick profit, so I utilized my time doing extensive (albeit exhaustive) research. In fact, I owe my outrageous success to the simple fact that I've spent more time researching than "implementing." And once I settled on what would work for me, putting into action was a no-brainer.

And believe it or not, I am not about to tell you that MY WAY IS THE BEST WAY! Far from it! YOUR WAY IS THE BEST WAY!!!!

What I am going to do is assist you in narrowing your options to the crème of the crop and permit you to benefit from my extensive research. It's my way of giving back and helping others to join and prosper in the riches that exist in cyberspace.

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